Research and Developmemt
Research and Developmemt



We bring products to life

in carbon fibre

What we do


We bring products to life in carbon fibre.


Our clients usually come to us with an idea. It can be a fully worked 3D CAD model or it might be a pencil sketch on a restaurant bill.


Our task is to move the "idea" into a composite part that’s works, looks good and meets the customer’s price expectations.


Once we know the basic test are done and we have the final design, we usually make a metal tool and start making some test parts in a variety of different materials. At this stage we are trying for the best part at the lowest cost and maybe splitting the product into a couple of different variations.


By the end of the development phase the client will have a preproduction part that can be sent out for user trials or even presented to potential customers at a trade show.


Once the client decides to go to full production we can help choose the factory that we think is the best fit and take them the tooling, the preproduction parts and instruct them in the fabrication methods. Sometimes, we will have the first production parts within hours of arrival.


We also sit with all parties in the price negotiations to make sure that what was discussed during the development process is reflected in the FOB price.


We then "sheepdog" production for the next few months , making sure that what is being delivered to the client is correct and helping smooth out any technical issues. The client and the factory are then on their own to work out the details of the more mundane issues such as shipping, payments and delivery rates.


Scale of Projects

•We are happy to look at almost anything, though we tend to stay away from boats and planes.

•We can do one off parts and usually enjoy the challenge, but most of our projects are medium volume performance parts.

•Sporting goods, furniture, and industrial projects are our strength



Bridge to Asia


Finding a good partner in Asia and maintaining that relationship can be an enormous asset for your company, if you get it right! If you get it wrong it can be a disaster.


At Yarnway we have 25 years of experience in the composite market, we can prepare your product for volume production, introduce you to manufacturers you can trust and get you into production quickly and efficiently. We even sit with you thru the supply negotiations making sure everything runs smoothly.


Working with Asian Factories – Getting the relationship right


Intellectual Property


It is vital at all stages to protect the intellectual property of our client. This usually starts with confidentiality agreements and continues throughout the relationship. Asian manufacturing can produce substantial cost savings but it is fraught with risk. Uknown only works with a trusted stable of reliable suppliers.


Additionally Yarnway can offer sophisticated product tracking and authentification systems.


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